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Damirchi Industrial  Group  manufacturer machinery   food industry - dairy -Pharmaceutical - Chemical

ويدئو هاي دميرچي

Our sole objective is:

Designing, developing and commissioning a project a with the

highest quality and efficiency at the present time, the greatest

possible flexibility in the future as well as ,long-term success for

.our clients to bring



بهره برداري خط كامل تصفيه روغن نباتي به ظرفيت 400 تن در روز در مدت زمان 210روز براي اولين بار در ايران

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پێشانگای پسپۆری ئەگرۆ فوود هەولێر 2013وکۆمپانیای دەمیرچی

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Oxygenated water production line for the first time by DAMIRCHI Industrial company

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